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I thought they will come and directly install the gutter guard. To my surprise, they had a complete sequential process to follow. They installed the gutter guard after complete inspection was performed. They are awesome!!!

- Roger Thomas

The DX Gutter Guard people are the experts and they do not create a mess at all. They take care of the cleanliness of your gutters as well as your house at the same time.

- Jean Williams

I was looking for a gutter guard installation service provider online when I came across DX Gutter Guard. I checked the reviews and user comments and I was really impressed. I am glad I hired them.

- Peter Wills

Whenever someone comes to me for recommendation on gutter guard installation, the only name I have in mind is of DX Gutter Guard.

- Kate Smith

5. Bushfires were a common incident in our area and most of the times the leaves with fire trying to enter the gutter was a great threat. Hence, we decided to get it covered and we called DX Gutter Guard. Thank God we did so. They turned out to be the best.

- Jazz Brown