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Leaf Gutter Guard Installation & Cleaning Services In Sydney


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Are leaves clogging your gutters and creating a problem you? Leave the leaf worry to us, by installing the DX Leaf Guard in your home.

Why DX Leaf Guard?

DX Gutter Guard offers quality protection to your homes and families, which is why we are the most trusted in and across Sydney. We help you achieve the leaf free gutter guard that you need to keep your homes clean. It enables you to maintain a trouble-free flow of water, stop clogging, and ensure there is no overflowing.

The leaf guard is your solution to keep away birds and any debris entering the gutter. The micro-mesh restricts any mosquitoes and insects trying to enter the gutters, thus ensuring proper hygiene. It also keeps water from getting clogged, which in turn ensures there is no rust and decay. Any mosquitoes that may breed in clogged water are also dealt with.

The DX Leaf Guard also protects your homes from being susceptible to bushfires. Dry leaves piling in your gutters call for trouble, but with the Leaf Guard, you can rest assured about the safety of your humble abode and your family

Our Leaf Gutter guard maintains its efficiency even with harsh weather conditions. The materials used are durable, made to last you a long time. The premium quality of the gutter guards protects you from incurring exorbitant costs in repairing your roofs. The stainless steel gutters are corrosion resistant and last you a long time, and are also available in the full range of Colorbond colors to fit your needs. The DX Gutter Guard also stretches the life of your gutters and helps you maintain them well.

Apart from safeguarding your gutters and roofs from harsh weather, debris, bushfires, and insects, with DX Gutter Guard, you can expect rainwater harvesting to be easier than ever. The leaf guard takes care of any debris and insects entering the stream of rainwater flowing down. This ensures you receive a clear stream of rainwater, making it easier for you to harvest it.

Install the DX gutter guard to enjoy a hassle-free experience. The leaf free gutter guard will ensure No more clutter in your gutter!

Looking for Gutter Guard Installation or Gutter Cleaning in Sydney?

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the installation process take?

The installation process usually takes 20-24 hours but is subject to change as per the weather conditions.


Will the color of the gutter guards match our roof?

Yes, our gutter guards come in the full range of Colorbond colors, and we ensure they match your roof. You can read more about Colorbond


Does the gutter guard self-clean, or is it required to be manual?

The leaf gutter guard self-cleans and saves you the hassle of getting up on the ladder to do it yourself! Spend the weekend relaxing instead. It requires little to no maintenance.


Will the mesh keep all insects and debris out?

Yes, the micro-mesh keeps anything out of it. This includes debris, insects, birds, and bird droppings, amongst others. Our mesh is also available in all colorbond colors.


Do professionals do the installation process?

Yes, our professionals are trained and have an unmatchable level of expertise. You can rest assured that you will get the best service.


Does the gutter guard provide my home protection against bushfires?

The micro-mesh that we, at DX Gutter Guard, provide you with has the flammability index "0" on the CSIRO test. Our leaf guard ensures no dry leaves and twigs are left in your gutters, minimizing the risk of catching embers. You can read more about it on products


What is the cost of installing the DX Gutter Guard?

We provide cost-effective services to fit your needs. You can contact us at contact@dxgutterguard.com.au or 0420764180 to get in touch with our associates for other.


How long does the gutter guard last?

Our best gutter guards are made of BlueScope Steel with a colorbond sheet coiled over them. This makes them rust, decay, and corrosion-resistant. They are premium quality products made to last you for at least 17 years


Which gutter guard is best for my home?

Most homes and roofs require a different kind of gutter, custom-picked to serve efficiently. DX Gutter Guard offers you a wide variety of services and products to fit your needs and budget. We are happy to help you with your queries and help you come up with a tentative idea upon contacting us

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