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Are gutter guards worth it? How to choose the right ones

For a few years, we've been seeing the hype of gutter guards all around. It certainly has become a popular tool to keep your gutter clean by collecting leaves and debris while allowing the water to seamlessly drain to the downspout. Since it slows down the debris from entering the gutters, it claims to reduce the gutter maintenance and prevent rain from spilling over the sides of your roof erratically. However, there has been always scepticism or an array of doubts, if they are actually worth money and effort? If they will really reduce maintenance?

Well, there is no such thing that will completely eliminate the requirements of maintenance. A good guard certainly prevents the leaves and debris from clogging the drainage, yet the smaller, tiny particles can still make their way through it. Thus you'd need a thorough cleanup at least once in a year or a couple of years.

Gutter guards are not actually the ultimate solution to your worries. Although it's a potent tool yet you'll have to keep an eye on your gutters during heavy rainfall to ensure the water is flowing down the spouts and not spilling over the edges/roof.

Types of gutter guards:

You must have heard about the myriad of gutter guards that can prevent clogging while keeping your gutter clean. But various materials have their own pros and cons. Where some enticed with loaded benefits, while others are somewhat below. Like the varied varieties, it also has numerous names such as gutter guards, gutter screens, gutter covers, and gutter helmets. Be it any name the ultimate motive of these gutter covers are the same that is to prevent debris from getting into the gutters, channel water and reduce gutter maintenance. Here are some of the most popular gutter options you should install.

● Bottle Brush Guards: They are made of strong, heavy-duty bristles, and look like a long roll of the brush. They are inserted inside the gutter, the long bristles act as a filter and permit the water channel to smoothly while straining the debris from blocking the passway. They indeed efficiently serve the purpose however the problem associated with these are the leaves simply build-up behind the brush or precisely get stuck on bristles which fail to reduce the amount of maintenance.

● Perforated Metal Guards: These guards come into the most effective category. They are simply a sheet of metal with holes punched on them, they fit under shingles and cover the gutter. Although they effectively block most debris, anything smaller than the holes such as seeds, pine needles, and pods can pass through them. Since the smaller residue can plug in the perforations and enclose the through created by gutter covers, water is likely to overflow them because they can't make their way through the hole to the drainage. So again it will require maintenance to ensure the holes are open (not jammed) to let the water in.

● Full Surface Tension Cover or Reverse-Curve Guards: Surface tension or reverse covers are totally different from other gutter covers as instead of straining the debris, they're designed with curves sloping down into the gaps between shields and gutters. The slope configuration causes the leaves, water and debris to drop down to the ground instead of accumulating on to them. It's one of the most effective strategies however these guards lift the roof shingles, which might curtail the roof warranty.

● Micro-Mesh Gutter Screens: This has also made it on the list of most effective gutter screens. They are formed of a metal frame covered with superfine mesh screens which eventually eliminates all the problems of perforated metal covers. Due to the presence of tiny holes on the screen which are barely evident through the unaided eye, it absolutely curtails even the tiniest debris to get through it. Hence these are the best option to keep the water flow seamlessly while keeping the dirt out. Perhaps due to all the perks, they are an ideal option to consider if you're on the hunt for a maintenance-free system to protect your drainage.

● Foam Gutter covers: They're one of the cheapest options available in the market. It is created using porous polyurethane, and is inserted into the gutter. The foam fit into the gutters prohibits the debris while allows water to flow gradually through the gutter. The problem associated with these covers is durability - it has been noticed that the screens begin to erode and become brittle after a couple of years.

Now when we've learned about all the different types of gutter guards, we probably can't say it's totally worthless. However, be it expensive or use any technology it will eventually employ maintenance.

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