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Gives A Protected Environment To Live In

For any type of premise you stay in, there is a gutter that takes care of the management of wastewater effectively. Keeping these gutters clean, however, is an important thing to do to make sure this wastewater management procedure remains uninterrupted. At DX Gutter Guard, we offer proper cover to the gutters to ensure no leaves or rubbish enter into the gutter system. No rubbish in the system will mean no water overflows. Our professionals install a leaf screener or best gutter guards effectively and help your premises remain protected in every way.

Gutter guard installation and cleaning

Our Process

Gutter Protection Installation

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Bushfire incidents are quite common all across Australia, including Sydney. Being a Sydneysider, we always remain careful about the safety requirements of our clients. By installing gutter guards, our experts remove the chance of leaves catching fire, to enter into the gutters and spread the same all over. With the installation of a leaf guard, there will be no chance of bushfire embre mesh created, which will thereby guarantee protection to the premise and surrounding areas.

Get Experienced Installers

When an installer is hired here, we check his skills and experience to figure out if he fits the job profile. Even a minute mistake in the process of installation of the gutter guard could lead to serious issues from overflowing gutters to possible bushfire incidents. Thus, it is recommended to have us on board and we will take care of all your gutter guard requirements.

If you want to know about the services and, of course, our gutter guard installation cost, you may connect with our representatives and they will help you explore us more.

Gutter guard installation and cleaning
Gutter guard installation and cleaning

Myths related to gutter guards:

For the homeowners like you it is very confusing to choose the right gutter guards for their house, as there are a lot of types, sources and ideas available in the market. When too many ideas and information are available, people can get easily confused and this can slowly give birth to new myths. This article is about the most common myth e most common myth people all over believe in related to gutter guard.

What Our Clients Have To Say?

8 Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Gutter Guards:

You should keep in mind that all gutter guards have been created are not same. They vary in terms of cost of the guards, design, materials,
how they are installed in your house. When you are choosing the best gutter guards for your home,
there are different factors which you should keep in mind

There are different shapes and sizes of gutter guards are available in the market. One of the most important thing of gutter guard is the slit size or hole size. Keep some points in mind:

  • Neither the holes can be very large nor tiny. The holes must be tiny enough to prevent the leaf litters and trashes but broad enough to permit the rainwater to pass through it into the gutter.

  • There are some small particles of pollinate and dust which can pass through the tiny holes of the gutter guards, no matter how small is your gutter mesh hole size is.

  • On the other hand, if your gutter guards holes are larger, then the objects like tree seeds, leaves etc will be able to enter into the gutter and will block the gutter system.

No large holes, or tiny holes or gaps and micro mesh should be the feature of leaf litters gutter protection. The system features the most efficient trashes blocking technology to keep your gutters clean and block free year around.

We DX gutter guards can suggest you what should be the best hole size gutter guards. We recommend a maximum of 5 millimetres hole size gutter guard should be best for your house.

If you are having the feeling of the gutter guard is insufficient to protect your gutter system from entering the leaves, you can ask Dxgutterguard cleaning services for the gutter cleaning services.

We will love to have the chance of working on your roof.

You should be conscious of various factors when you are choosing the best gutter guards for your home. One of those important factors is cost. It is important to consider the price of gutter guards. DIY solutions from home store is less expensive but generally not a long-term solution. In fact, within a month, you will need to change the inefficient gutter system.

To choose the best gutter guards for your home, be careful to the products technology, quality and one more important thing the cost. Because you will not like to change your gutter protection frequently by using cheap gutter guards which is also inferior quality.

What you are going to pay for your gutter guard installation will depend on the which type of gutter guard it is and the length of your gutters.

Installing gutter guards rightly is very important for your home as well. There are many different processes of installing the gutter mesh, however some gutter guards need installation under the first row of shingles.

Its never been a good idea to install the gutter guards down your first row of shingles, this can cause three very critical issues. Those are:

  • Your roof warranty can revoke because of installing the gutter guards under the first row of the shingles.

  • The steepness of the gutter guards will depend on the pitch of your roof. The higher your roof pitch will be, the gutter guards will be steeper and will cause of water overshooting.

  • Water can go under the shingles of your roof and can cause of roof leaks, and moisture in your dome.

To pulled out the water through the gutter mesh should be installed on the top of your existing gutter and this is not going to disturb your roof. In fact, installing the gutter guards in the same angle will ensure the debris to be diverted to the edge.

There is a noticeable point when you are going to decide between the DIY gutter guards and install the by experts gutter guards. And the point is warranty which, the DIY gutter guards will not include. DIY gutter guards are a temporary solution, it doesnt last for long.

Expertly installed gutter guards will offer you some warranty or guarantee. Here are some questions which you should ask yourself when you are reviewing a gutter guards product:

  • If I occur to sell my house, is the warranty negotiable?

  • Will anything invoke my gutter guard warranty?

  • What is the durability of the gutter guard? 10 years, 20 years or lifetime?

  • Does it assure that my gutter wont clog or the company will provide cleaning service?

You should go through questions and find out the answers because this will help you understand the warranty things.

Some times its happen, if you are having a brand-new gutter, few gutter guards require you to buy all new gutters. This may you cost a thousand of unnecessary dollars.

Dxgutterguards save your thousand of dollars, installing the gutter guards on top of your existing gutter. Dxgutterguards can install the new gutters if your gutters occur to be in harsh shape. We dont want you to spend unnecessary money.

Learn more about our installation services and explore our products.

When you are thinking about install the gutter guards you should ask yourself do installing gutter guards mean no cleaning?

You should know that the gutter guards stop the debris from entering into the gutter system, In a year two-three times your gutter system need to be cleaned. Because continuously providing the service of blocking the debris from entering into the gutter, the top of the gutter guards get clogged by the trashes and can stop the rainwater from entering into the gutter.

The gutter guards stop the trashes from entering into gutter but sometimes, small particles like dust particle and pollen particles able to enter through the guards, it doesnt matter how small the guards' holes are.

Those small particles can interrupt the gutter system by clogging it and stop the rain water from going down through the down pipes, and the water will overshoot on your roof. It doesnt even matter how costly your gutter guards is, you should clean this two to three times yearly, otherwise above issues will be found.

If you are worried about the cleaning process, then dont be. We Dxgutterguards provides the cleaning services for your gutter system.

If you are confused while choosing your gutter guards, as there are different types of gutter guards are available in the market. Some company will say that plastic gutter guard is waste of money and convenience you to buy the costly metal gutter guards, even if you dont need that. But its not true that plastic gutter guard is not at all worthy. There are some polyethylene gutter guards which can resist the harsh weather of Australia. Dont go for this misconception, to be aware about the misconception of gutter guards.

Take the best consultant about which type of gutter guards you need for your gutters from us.

When you are hiring any company like us for the gutter guard installation or the products, has a reputation in the market for the work. Because it is very important that your gutter guards installation should have done by the professional, otherwise your roof can be hurt during the installation process. We DXgutterguards should be reliable and have a team of experts, who will do the installation perfectly without hurting your shingles and roof.


You have gutters install for your roof from the coming damage but they too accumulate the trashes and pests make their way in them. It is the reason you need a gutter protection which is gutter guards to blocking those debris from entering into gutters. Before installing the gutter guards you should consider some important things, the company who are installing your gutter guards, which types of gutter guards you need for your home and the cost you are spending on it.

Gutter Cover Installation Cost Sydney | Gutter Guard Installation Cost | Gutter Guard Sydney

Are you spending your free time picking out debris and leaves from your gutters? With DX Gutter Guard, you no longer have to spend another second of your precious time. We bring you the best gutter guards in and across Sydney for your homes, which allow you to live a hassle and worry-free life.

At DX Gutter Guard, we provide you with an adequate cover that ensures cleanliness in your gutters and helps your homes remain protected. With our expertise, commitment, and experience, we maintain high quality in our services. The DX Gutter Guard self-cleans and saves you the trouble of going through that

DX Gutter Guard is your one-stop solution for gutter problems. With our Gutter Mesh Installation, you can rest assured about no entry of pests, mosquitoes, and birds into the gutters. With a zero on the flammability index, our mesh also helps secure your homes from unwanted fires. The Gutter Cover Installation is done by well-equipped professionals to ensure your satisfaction. You can contact us to know more about the Gutter Cover Installation Cost

Here, at DX Gutter Guard, we aim to provide you with the best services to suit your needs. We follow a systematic process in the gutter guard installation. The method includes examining and inspecting the gutters, followed by a thorough cleaning. Experts undertake the Gutter guard Installation process with the right technical knowledge for the task. This process is designed in a way to ensure maximum advantages to each customer

As a Sydneysider, we are aware of the occurrence of Bushfire incidents, and your safety is our priority. By installing the DX Gutter Guard, you can ensure your family's security and home from any such mishaps. The leaf guard leaves no chance of a bushfire. When you think of Gutter Guard Sydney, you think of DX Gutter Guard.

At DX Gutter Guard, we aim to provide you with effective gutter guards regardless of the home you reside in. Feel free to drop in your further queries about the Gutter Guard Installation Cost and any other details, our experts would guide you through the process

With DX Gutter Guards installation at your home, you can trust the product to take care of your homes with efficiency. So you can sit back and enjoy that weekend without a worry!